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chenayahthewolfgirl-deactivated said: Hi thanks for following me I'm in a long distance relationship to! With my boyfriend Jason we have been together for almost 8 months! I may as well follow ya back cause your an Long Distance Blog!

Hey! :)
Thank you for follow , I’m glad ‘bout that.I wish you much much luck :3 :)))

Anonymous said: Where are you from? And your gf from? How long have you been together? I just followed you. So yeah :)

Hey You :)
I’m from Serbia , she is from Indonesia and we are 7 moths together :)

“I can’t wait for the day when I will write on here ” We made it, now we’re together and nothing will ever take us apart.”
You should be here….

You should be here….

“One day I’m going to wake up , roll over on my side and kiss the love of my life.”

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thedistanceovercome-deactivated said: Hello, would it be possible of you to give us a little promo please? I don't know if you normally do them or not, its just that Stephen and I are officially becoming an LDR next saturday when he leaves for uni and we only have 53 followers, we just wanted to beable to be more involved in the LDR community to help support us and in turn help support them too... Thank you - Ellie x

Hey! :) Well I don’t know how can I give you promo but I can try.I hope It will help :D Wish you all best :3 :))))))

thecrazymission said: Thanks for the follow! I'm also in a long-distance relationship. Haha. :)

Hey! :)
Great , I wish you much much luck , keep it strong. :)))

Anonymous said: How can I establish a deeper connection with my bf when we are so far apart?

Hi there ,
I guess through conversation , giving support , say nice cute things and stuff like that.Have faith and believe that nothing is impossible.Believe that you two are going to be together one day and always tell that to him.Don’t let him to lose hope , be strong and have strong love , show that to him.That’s most important , ‘cause LDR is really hard thing.I wish you all best , sooo much luck for you :)))

Anonymous said: Hi I'm in a LDR, my family don't approve of my bf and his doesn't approve of me either but we've continued being a couple and plan to meet when I turn 18. Are we doing a bad thing going against our parents?

Hi there ,
Well first you need to have an serious conversation with your parents.But , I think , and it’s just my opinion , that parents are not the ones who need to pick your soulmate and your love.They just know to be so hard sometimes , but you need to understand them , they are worrying for you , probably ‘cause you still don’t have 18 , and that’s why they are doing that.Try to convice them that everything is fine and that he is the one you love and that you want to spend your life with him.I wish you soooo much luck :)))

defectivesoul said: I'm glad your ldr is doing well! I'm kinda new to the ldr and wow would I have a million questions I need advice on especially from a guys point of view.

Hi! :)
Well you can ask me anything you want to , KIK me aleksandar.mitic95 , or ask here.Wish you all best! :)))


Thx for following my blog , I really appreciate that :))))

Anonymous said: I don't talk to you a lot but I like your blog:)

Thx thx :) And talk with me , KIK me haha :D
Wish you all best!:)

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm in a ldr and we are planning to meet for the first time in october! The only thing is we met 4 years ago when we were quite young, and at some points it was easier to lie than go through arguments. I'm now scared that he'll suss everything out and everything will be ruined:( should I tell him the truth about everything before we met or just wish for the best? Please help!!!

Hey , 

Well I think you should tell him everything , because , you know we , guys , are like that , we always suspect that something is wrong blah blah…I had same situation with my gf , and then we said to eachother about everything before we met , and then things just better.It’s just my opinion but you know him best , you know how he will react if is there something bad you need to tell him.But I think that everything is going to be fine , I mean 4 yrs is not just little thing.You two have to make it work :))) I wish you much much luck :3 

babyitsthesignal said: Hello Aleksandar! Just wanna say thank you for following us and we already followed you back :) We wish you two the very best. Are you going to meet each other soon? (Or have you? xD) xx

Hey! :)

Thank you so much , and yes we are going to meet for sure.I wish you luck as well :))))))